TERS Application – COVID-19

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I am sure that there are more than a few of you experiencing the stress and frustration of trying to get your application in for the Temporary Employee Relief Scheme.  There have been multiple templates sent to fill out, multiple contradicting instructions and worst of all, you get told to “just send a mail to COVID19@labour.gov.za, and all the documentation will be sent to you”.  I don’t know about you, but this did not work for me.  Anyhow, I’m not here to tell you what didn’t work, but rather what did.

First of all, the UIF have created an online application portal:  https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/covid19/

This is great, but it is a bit confusing if you have never seen the templates required and worked through these.  Below is a mail received from the UIF with further instructions, as well as all the documentation attached.  Please feel free to download these documents.  These are the CORRECT templates, and therefore the only version needed!

Mail received from UIF re TERS Application

Dear Applicant

Thanks for your application to avail National Disaster TERS benefits. We confirm the receipt of your email.

However, due to huge number of applications received, it has been noticed that many of the applicants have failed to submit the employee information file( National Disaster Payment – Excel Template (Attachment 1))in the requested format as per the attached Guideline document

(“2 – Guidelines – To Convert_ Excel_TO_CSV V2.docx”). This lead to unsuccessful loading of many files sent by you by the Automation tool which only accepts the fine format mentioned in the Guideline document.

Its very important that all applicants strictly follow the rules of Guideline document as there is no manual process to validate the information and automated process do not accepts any deviation from the guideline.

We request all the applicants to RE-SUBMIT their applications again to covid19UIFclaims@labour.gov.za adhering the format that is requested in the Guideline document. As payment can be processed for only for the applications which meets the guidelines.

Please re –submit the employee information file together with other supporting documents ( note attachment 10 : Information sheet ) for guidance / assistance.


Kind Regards


Unemployment Insurance Fund Commissioner 

1 Copy of National_Disaster_Payment-Excel_Template
2- Guidelines-To_Convert_Excel_TO_CSV_V2
7 Copy of Employers_Account_Information
8 Undertaking Letter COVID19 TERS
9- 00000034_06APR2020_1_SAMPLE

You will need:

Company Information: UIF Registration Number, PAYE Registration Number, Bank Details (and confirmation letter from the bank)
Employee Information: ID Numbers, Names, Surnames, Pay Details

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